About Us

Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania just west of the state’s capitol – Harrisburg. We are fortunate to geographically be near a major rail and trucking hub for the east coast. Our facility is located only minutes away from several interstate highways and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Our business is easily accessible for truck deliveries.

We built our current state-of-the-art conservation facility in 2009 with the intent to be able to handle a large diverse volume of work. Our exterior roll door allows us to treatment extremely large and heavy pieces of artwork. Our facility is furnished with the following equipment and systems:

About Our Building

  • Museum quality climate control with HEPA filtration
  • Hardwired and monitored security systems
  • Two local fire departments in close proximity
  • Police surveillance is maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police
  • A diverse array of lighting fixtures which allow us to replicate most client lighting scenarios
  • Large banks of exterior windows provide natural lighting
  • A climate controlled secure storage area for artwork
  • We have a fully equipped woodshop allowing us to repair or replicate missing or broken pieces, or build travel crates, storage boxes or exhibition mounts
  • We have over 4,000 square feet dedicated to conservation or conservation services
  • Our main work area has 11 ½’ high ceilings
  • We have a dedicated solvent storage room with its own exhaust and explosion proof fixtures
  • We have a specialized system of flexible exhaust trunks which allow us to protect our employees while using solvents in our work
  • We pride ourselves on having a safe work environment and therefore provide protective gear, clothing and equipment to our employees as needed

About Our Equipment

  • We have a large walk-in spray booth for apply varnishes or coating to artwork
  • We have a 7′ x 10′ vacuum hot table for lining paintings
  • We have both a Wild M655 operating room microscope on a rolling stand for aiding us with detailed conservation work and a Zeiss polarizing light microscope for quantitative and qualitative analysis of materials.
  • We have a dedicated photographic space with state-of-the-art equipment
  • We have a 60″ Fletcher 3000 wall mounted board, glass and plastic cutting system and a 60″ Fletcher 2000 matt cutter
  • Both ultraviolet and infrared lighting are used to examine artwork
  • We have a full array of conservation equipment, supplies and materials on site
  • We have a fairly large display of new frame moldings, acid-free matt boards, and museum quality glass or acrylic

Contact Us

Hartmann Conservation
321 West Old York Road
Carlisle, PA 17015

P: 717-574-3579
E: info@hartmannconservation.com