JOB TITLE: Senior Paintings Conservator

LOCATION: Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc. in Carlisle, PA

STATUS: Full-time

APPLICATION PERIOD: Will remain open until filled



Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc. (ŇHartmann ConservationÓ) is seeking a driven, self-motivated individual with excellent curatorial background, artistic motor skills and communication skills to join our conservation team as an Senior Paintings Conservator. Candidates should have strong knowledge and extensive experience with current conservation practices, techniques, materials, and ethical standards. This demanding position will require the ability to communicate effectively with clients, meet scheduled work deadlines, and work cooperatively in a team environment. We welcome the contribution of ideas and seek a positive, productive, and ambitious team member with a positive work ethic to assist the Chief of Conservation in directing and executing all conservation and preservation services regarding painted materials and frames.


REPORTS TO: Chief of Conservation



á      Completion of documentary artifact reports, including Condition Reports, Treatment Proposals, and Treatment Reports.

á      Skilled examination and treatment of historic and artistic paintings, painted surfaces, and artifacts in both the Hartmann Conservation studio and on-site for nationwide clientele, including artifacts and murals that are extremely large, visually damaged, and/or have severe structural damage

á      Development of best practices guidelines for conservation treatments, transport, and installations.

á      Frequent collaboration with museum curators, conservation scientists, conservation colleagues, artisan specialists, and client representatives to discuss curatorial issues and manage treatment expectations

á      Familiarity and adherence to the American Institution of Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice and current museum-quality standards in all proposal development and treatment execution

á      Supervision of Assistant Conservators, Conservation Technicians, and Conservation Interns

á      Willingness to travel and assist in the on-site management of in situ project conservation teams in both long- and short-term settings

á      Ability to handle large works of art, including regular lifting and carrying of up to 50lbs., as well as long periods of standing, sitting, and working on scaffolding, ladders, or lifts.

á      Observance of all building security, storage, reporting, and safety protocols and regulations

á      Active participation in periodic training sessions, conferences, and professional meetings



á      EDUCATION: MasterŐs degree in Art Conservation, or the equivalent conservation apprentice training and experience. In-depth working knowledge of art history, studio art technique, and AIC conservation standards are a must.


á      EXPERIENCE: 10+ years of professional experience in the examination, handling, documentation and conservation treatment of historic paintings, modern paintings, murals, painted surfaces, gilded surfaces, painted historic and decorative artifacts, and period frames.



á      Familiarity with diverse bodies of art, particularly from American and European artists dating from the 15th century to the present, including an in-depth understanding of the chemical, biological, and physical processes and principles that contribute to long-term deterioration and/or preservation

á      Knowledge of appropriate and cutting-edge treatment for paintings and murals on panel, canvas, board, paper, metal, composite materials, hide, and synthetic supports

á      Intimate familiarity with the chemical properties of oil, acrylic, casein, tempura, gouache, fresco, and encaustic mediums, including solubility and long-term preservation needs

á      Ability to repair complex tears, dents, flaking paint, cracked or warped supports, or delamination

á      Ability to complete difficult filling, lining, stretching, inpainting, visual reconstruction, and varnish application with reversible and minimally intrusive techniques

á      Experience in the safe surface cleaning and removal of discolored varnish layers, embedded dirt/soot/nicotine, and previous restorersŐ overpaint using traditional organic and modern aqueous-based solvent systems, mixtures, gels, detergents, and enzymes

á      Comprehensive understanding of safe and museum quality procedures for handling, storing, transporting, framing, crating, shipping, installing, and exhibiting fine art

á      Advanced triage skills including emergency conservation response to fire or water damage, mold, and the abatement and/or containment of hazardous materials

á      Practice of proper safety and chemical storage procedures, including training and work on scaffolding, in secure buildings, and with hazardous materials

á      Commitment to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality, collections care standards, and ethics

á      Dedication to meeting and exceeding deadlines, maintaining open communication with clients and colleagues, and producing high-quality written documentary reports



á      Management experience and competence in independently leading a conservation team, including ability to provide performance feedback and staff development

á      Excellent communication and organizational skills

á      Ability to work both independently and as part of a conservation team

á      Excellent interpersonal skills and team cooperation, including knowing when to seek a second opinion

á      Strong work ethic and commitment to meeting deadlines, solving complex treatment issues, and working effectively and productively under pressure

á      Competency with collections management systems, including knowledge of Microsoft, Articheck, Adobe and other software suites required for documentary conservation reports

á      Demonstrated sound judgment, risk management, and perception to details and artistic subtleties

á      Competency in woodshop equipment, safety and techniques



á      PhD degree in Conservation-related area with demonstrated accomplishment in art history research and writing or technical skill development

á      Extensive experience with murals and/or modern paintings conservation

á      Strong proficiency in modern aqueous-based cleaning methods and cutting edge technologies

á      Professional experience at a major fine art institution, museum or collection

á      Fluency in secondary language(s), both in conversation and in writing

á      Interest and ability to research and adapt technical written material for publication or lecture


COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: Commensurate with experience, including paid time off, 401(k), medical benefits


Qualified candidates for this job shall be considered for long-term succession to the Chief of Conservation.

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, resume and curriculum vitae, two professional or academic references, available start date, salary requirements, and a sample Condition Report and Treatment Report example to Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc. is a federal contractor and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


About Hartmann Conservation

Hartmann Conservation has performed fine art conservation project management, assessment, treatment, emergency response, environmental monitoring, handling, transportation, and cyclic collection maintenance services of the highest quality since 1985. Our mission is to provide the highest-quality professional conservation services to our clients and their artwork based on experience, knowledge, resourcefulness, and sound ethics. Our company is a Pennsylvania registered small business enterprise specializing in the conservation of historic paintings, modern paintings, murals, frames, historic furniture, and painted decorative or historic objects. We provide hands-on conservation services to local, state and federal governments; historic sites and preservation organizations; public, private and religious institutions; museums; corporate collections; and private clients both in situ and in studio. Our company prides itself on the ability to handle the most complex and difficult of treatments on projects both large and small in accordance with the American Institute for ConservationŐs Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Treatment.


About Hartmann ConservationŐs Facility

Built in 2009, Hartmann ConservationŐs current state-of-the-art facility features 5,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled and security monitored conservation work areas, as well as a dedicated collections storage room, fully stocked woodshop, dedicated digital SLR photography space and editing software, solvent room, and administrative offices. Conservation laboratory space includes 11 ½Ő ceilings with flexible exhaust trunks, large banks of exterior windows and specialty lighting fixtures, a large walk-in spray booth, a 7Ő x 10Ő vacuum hot table, Wild M655 operating room microscope, Zeiss polarizing light microscope, ultraviolet and infrared illumination systems, 60Ó Fletcher 3000 wall mounted cutting system, 60Ó Fletcher 2000 mat cutter, in-studio HD screens, and comprehensive safety equipment. We also maintain a large, climate-controlled vehicle for door-to-door packing and transportation of artwork.