Conservation Services


Hartmann Conservation will gladly discuss the conservation needs with you for your personal, institutional or museum collections.    You may contact us through our website, by telephone, text or email.   We can also travel to your location to review your collection, storage, environmental, or exhibition needs in person.

Conservation Examination and Analysis

We can provide detailed visual and scientific analysis of your artifacts in preparation for subsequent treatment or aid curators, collection managers and appraisers in establishing provenance, age or authenticity.   We work closely with several firms that can conduct detailed analytical and scientific analysis of your artifacts to establish the nature of materials, pigments, adhesives, coatings or inscriptions.

Conservation Treatment

Your artifacts will be treated by or under the direct supervision of professionally trained conservators.   Our staff has in-depth experience, knowledge and training in stabilization, repair, cleaning and visual compensation.   We specialize in the treatment of canvas and panel paintings, murals, painted surfaces and frames.   We also treat 3-dimensional artifacts (furniture, decorative arts and sculpture).   We work on large scale projects requiring multi-discipline conservation services, specialized artisans, decorative painters and contractors.  We can easily assemble an extended team for on-site work or to safely accomplish complicated treatments at our facility in Carlisle.   We frequently work as part of a professional team consisting of conservators, engineers, contractors, and architects.   All of our work adheres to the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

Environmental Monitoring

We will help your institution establish an environmental monitoring program, install or place required devices, and evaluate how the environment in your institution, building or home is affecting your collections.  Knowledgeable professional historic preservation architects, mechanical engineers or systems engineers can be brought in for further consultation or analysis if required.

Design or Review of Collections Exhibition or Storage Spaces

We frequently work directly with institutions or as part of a contracted team (comprised of exhibition & storage designers, fabricators, curators, lighting consultants, and conservators) to design and/or assess collection exhibitions, and storage spaces/facilities.

Climate Control Storage

We can provide on-site or off-site secure climate controlled storage of museum artifacts.   Off-site storage is nearby and is closely monitored by conservators and conservation staff to insure the safety of your collections.   The environment (temperature, relative humidity & light levels) is strictly monitored with computerized data loggers to insure that institutional and museum standards are maintained.

Packing, Shipping & Rigging

Hartmann Conservation’s staff can safely and expertly pack and crate your collections for either long-term storage or for transport.   Structurally strong, stable, inert, acid-free materials will be used to house your collections.   Your collections can be safely transported to their destination either by Hartmann Conservation staff or by qualified experienced art shippers and handlers.   Direct couriering of valuable artwork can be arranged.   We also have experience in lifting and moving large, heavy or delicate artwork or sculpture.

Conservation Surveys

Experienced qualified staff from Hartmann Conservation will travel to your location to conduct a detailed assessment of your facility, collections, exhibition spaces, collections storage, environment or individual artifacts.   The resulting reports from these surveys can form the basis for establishing short and long-range goals and objectives for large institutionally or privately held collections.    We frequently act as the conservation assessor for Heritage Preservation’s Conservation Assessment Program (CAP).  We conduct surveys at a broad range of institutions varying from historical sites, to multi-collection institutions, to large museums. These surveys form the basis for determining needed building or system improvements that will protect an entire collection or to determine individual conservation treatment priorities.   We can also help an institution to design collections storage spaces; review exhibition mounts, lighting and cases; or monitor and evaluate how your environment is affecting your collections.

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