Our Facility

Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc. is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We built our current state-of-the-art conservation facility in 2009 with over 5,000 square feet of dedication conservation space and the intent to be able to handle a large and diverse volume of work. We are conveniently located only minutes away from several major highways and within reasonable driving distance from most major cities in the Mid-Atlantic.

Facility Features:

  • Museum-quality, climate-controlled work, storage & administrative support spaces
  • A main work area with 11 ½’ high ceilings with numerous flexible exhaust trunks to protect employees while using solvents
  • Large banks of exterior windows and a diverse array of lighting fixtures, which allow us to replicate most client lighting scenarios
  • An exterior roll door that allows for handling of extremely large and heavy pieces of artwork
  • Hardwired security and fire detection system with off-site professional monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Two local fire departments in close proximity
  • Police surveillance maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police
  • Convenient tractor trailer accessibility for delivery or pickup to our facility

Conservation Laboratory Equipment:

  • A dedicated solvent storage room with its own exhaust and explosion proof fixtures
  • A fully equipped woodshop allowing us to repair or replicate missing or broken pieces and to build travel crates, storage boxes or exhibition mounts
  • A large walk-in spray booth for application of varnishes or coatings on artwork
  • A 7’ x 10’ vacuum hot table for lining paintings
  • Both a Wild M655 operating room microscope on a rolling stand for aiding us with detailed conservation work and a Zeiss polarizing light microscope for quantitative and qualitative analysis of materials.
  • A dedicated photographic space with state-of-the-art photography and photo editing equipment, including the capability to both photographically document and examine artifacts using UV and IR illumination, as well as project photos and video onto our in-studio HD television screen
  • A 60” Fletcher 3000 wall mounted board, glass and plastic cutting system
  • A 60” Fletcher 2000 matt cutter
  • A variety of frame moldings, acid-free matt boards, museum quality glass and acrylic sheeting
  • A full array of equipment, supplies and materials for conservation treatments and proper safety

We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and safe work environment at all times.

Contact Us

Hartmann Conservation
321 West Old York Road
Carlisle, PA 17015

P: 717-574-3579
E: info@hartmannconservation.com