Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a price for conservation over the telephone?

  • Talking over the telephone is a good start, but in order for us to really analyze your artwork we need to see it in person (717-574-3579).   During an initial call we can gather information about the problem, try to understand the type or artifact, its’ age and connection to the owner, its’ size and what it’s made of.   If you could take a digital image showing the overall piece and a detail or two of the problems you could email it to us at We can then call you back and have a more informed discussion.   It would be ultimately better if you can either bring it to our facility in Carlisle, PA or we can come to you for a more in depth review.

How do I get to Hartmann Conservation?

How much does it cost for conservation?

  • Conservation costs are based on standard rates within the profession and hours of work required to satisfactorily and safely complete the outlined work noted in our written treatment proposal.   We will give you a fixed cost for treatment.   It is generally requested that clients make a deposit of 50% of the treatment cost prior to the commencement of services.    The balance of cost is due upon completion of work.

How long does it take for conservation treatment?

  • It depends on work already in progress or whether there are other projects ahead of yours.   Generally work will be completed within 1 to 4 months.   Scheduling and a more precise length of treatment time will be discussed with our clients in advance of signing a contract for conservation.  If emergencies arise, or your artifact is more difficult or time consuming to treat you will be notified of the need for a possible schedule extension.   We will try our best to meet our original time commitments to our clients.

Can you appraise my artwork?

  • Conservators do not appraise artwork.   It is considered an ethical conflict for us to do this by our national organization (American Institute for Conservation) and we are not trained or licensed to do this work.    We will make arrangements for or refer you to a number of qualified licensed appraisers to help you determine the monetary value or to authenticate your artwork.

Do we have to bring our artwork to you or will you come here to do the work?

  • If the artwork can be easily transported to our facility it would be better to review it here because we have all of the necessary equipment, supplies, materials, and specialized lighting at our conservation studio.   If the artwork is too large, attached to wall, or is easily treated in-situ, we will be glad to come to you to do the work.   We regularly travel nation-wide to provide conservation assessment, treatment, emergency response or other related services.   We frequently work on-site for larger projects and can easily assemble a diverse team of conservators, professionals, technicians, decorative painters, or artisans to meet your project’s needs.   There is no charge for most local cursory on-site assessments or for those at our conservation facility.   There will be a charge for written reports, lengthy assessments and for reimbursement of long distance travel costs.

What kind of records do I get as part of my conservation treatment?

  • As part of any standard treatment you should expect to receive a written Condition Report of your artifact, including what it’s made out of, how it’s put together, information about any inscriptions, whether it’s been worked on before and what’s its current condition.  You should also receive a written Treatment Proposal.   Treatment won’t begin until you have signed-off on the Treatment Proposal authorizing us to proceed as outlined and we have received the requested monetary deposit.   Treatment of your artifact will be documented with Digital Photography before, during and after treatment.   At the conclusion of treatment you will receive a detailed report on all steps of the process, including all solvents, adhesives and materials used.   Any additional information about the artwork or inscriptions discovered will be included in the final report.    A client is welcome to call about the status of their artwork or to review treatment in progress at our facility with an appointment.

Do I have to worry about the cost of conservation going up during treatment?

  • Your cost for conservation is a fixed fee.   Only on rare occasions will we call to discuss the need for a cost increase in your treatment.    This would only occur if it is determined that treatment for the artwork drastically needs to be altered based on unexpected, not previously determinable information or you want us to do additional work.    In these rare occasions, the client would be called to discuss the situation, the need for more time, or for the need to alter of the treatment approach.  In this case, the cost of services may need to be adjusted to reflect this change.

Will our artwork be insured?

  • Artwork can be insured under our Fine Arts Insurance Policy for a minimal cost based on its’ value or the length of time it is in our care, or it can be insured under your existing business or home owner’s policy at our facility.

Do you accept credit cards or do you have payment plans?

  • At this point in time we do not accept credit cards, but will gladly work out a payment schedule for work if needed.   Artwork will be returned following completion of payment unless other arrangements have been worked out between us in advance of treatment.

Can you safely store our artwork or collections?

  • Our facility is climate controlled, secure and is actively monitored for fire and security.    We can store artwork and collections on-site or at a nearby fully insured, climate controlled and secure facility for larger amounts of artifacts.

Is your facility accessible by truck?

  • Our facility is located on a state road with easy access to major highways and the PA Turnpike.  We routinely receive UPS & FEDEX deliveries and can accommodate tractor trailers.   We do not have a truck height dock.   For heavy items a truck lift gate would be required.


If your question is not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions, please email your question to us at, or text or call 717-574-3579 to speak with the owner John Hartmann.  If he is not available, please leave a message on his text or voice mail and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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