Clients / Past Work

Paintings Conservation Treatments

Private Clients artwork to include the following artists:
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Sulley, Herman Herzog, John Singer Sarqent, Gilbert Stuart, William Merritt Chase, Claude Monet, John Singleton Copley, Asher B. Durand, Nicolas Poussin, George Inness, Charles Willson Peale, Thomas Hart Benton, John Stueart Curry, & Violet Oakley. (References provided upon request)

Anthracite Heritage Museum:
Scranton, PA: 2000 (Developed plans & specifications for large collections storage reorganization) – 1989 & 2000 (general conservation survey)

Boal Mansion/Christopher Columbus Chapel:
Boalsburg, PA: 2008 two early 16th c panel paintings of St. Jerome and St. Francis of Assisi owned by Christopher Columbus, 1994 paintings to include an 17th c panel painting of Christ on the Cross by Ambrosius Benson, 16th c. Carravaggio (attributed) painting of the Sacrifice of Isaac.

Joseph Priestley House:
Northumberland, PA: late 18th c. primitive portrait of Benjamin Franklin – unknown

Hope Lodge:
Ft. Washington, PA: Conserved over 10 paintings 1985-2000 including life-size 18th c portrait of a woman and child by Thomas Sulley, early 19th c portrait of Rachael Maris by Jacob Eichholtz,

Landis Valley Museum:
Lancaster, PA: 1985-2005 several early 19th c painted trade signs.

Milton Hershey School:
Hershey, Pennsylvania: 2010 – emergency treatment of 85 paintings &      Photographs following a fire in Founders Hall2001- 2004 – paintings conservation to   include: a pair of life size portraits of Milton and Catherine Hershey, and a large early 19th c. painting of “Shoeing the Bay Mare” by Edwin Landseer.

National Park Service – Harpers Ferry Conservation Center:
2010 (Conserved 6 paintings for the Gateway National Recreational Area – Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, NY) NPS contract #: “P1770102013”

National Park Service – Gateway National Recreational Area – Fort Wadsworth:
Staten Island, NY – 2010 (Conserved a large WPA painting of Floyd Bennett) NPS contract #: “P11211000008-GATE”

Old Economy Village:
Ambridge, PA: paintings conservation 1985 -2004 including: 18th c. Adoration of the Magi by Anton Mengs, 1524 Adoration of the Magi by Frans Franken II, 1817 Christ Healing the Sick by Bass Otis (Copy of Benjamin West painting in Philadelphia), an 18’ x 9’ WPA mural  of the Harmonists.

Pennsbury Manor:
Tulleytown, PA: conservation to include an early 18th c painting of Penn’s Manor House by John Woodside, a 17th c portrait of Lady Springett (William Penn’s mother) by and unknown English artist.

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania:
Strasburg, PA: 1985 -2005 paintings to include the Presidents of the Pennsylvania Railroad, including 1906 portrait of Alexander Cassatt (Mary Cassatt’s brother) by John Singer Sargent. 1970’s painting “Speed, Safety & Comfort” by Grif Teller.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania:
 Harrisburg, PA: 1985-2005 over twenty five paintings including 1860’s life size portrait of Governor Geary in Uniform by Boundy, 18th c portrait of John Adlum by Charles Willson Peale, 1920’s Horice Pippin panel painting – “Losing the Way,” two 10’ x 16’ paintings of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by Froelich, 18th c. portrait of Pendleton Watmaugh by John Neagle & an 18th c. portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart.

Washington Crossing Historic Park:
Washington Crossing, PA:  1985-2005 painting to include two large 1860’s reverse-glass paintings of George and Martha Washington, 18th c keyhole portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, nationally recognized painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware River by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze (Owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

York County Board of Commissioners, York County Judicial Center:
York, PA: 2007 – conservation of 17 paintings and frames of York County Judges.

Large Conservation Projects

Bucknell University – Campus Theater – Conservation of all interior painted surfaces:
Market Street, Lewisburg, PA: Feb – June 2011 (Treatment included cleaning, consolidation & inpainting of over 9000 sq’ of painted Art Deco ceilings and wall murals & decoration.   The art deco theater was built in 1941.)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Flagship Niagara:
Erie, PA: 1988 (Conserved 140 of the original structural timbers from Admiral Perry’s War of 1812 two masted 170’ long Brig Niagara.   This ship originally built in 1813 was rebuilt in 1988.   Treated pieces were reinstalled in the reconstructed ship as non-load bearing timbers as close to the original location as possible.   The Niagara continues to sail the great lakes and along the eastern coast of the United States.)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Law Library, Office of Commonwealth Libraries, Education Building:
Harrisburg, PA: June – July 2012, (Conservation of ceiling murals & gilded surfaces, removal of flaking lead paint)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Forum Auditorium, Education Building:
Harrisburg, PA: July – Sept. 2011, Dept. General Services Contract #: DGS948-10, Phase 8, Part 1, .1 (Emergency reattachment of delaminating & torn painted canvas on the ceiling of the auditorium – circa 1930.   Damage was caused by leaking pipes & the roof, Artist Eric Gugler designed the oval office for the President of the United States)

Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Ceremonial Office of the Vice-President of the United States – Mural Conservation:
17th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC: October 2006 to April 2007 (working for Page Conservation- Inpainted highly decorative and intricate “trompe l’oeil” ceiling mural that had been overpainted and damaged by water.)

Franklin Institute for Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services:
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA: 2005 Sculpture Cleaning/Conservation of 20’ marble statue of Benjamin Franklin inside museum (working with BR Howard & Associates) (Treatment to include: stain removal, surface cleaning, & re-grouting of joints)

Himmelreich Library – 1st Presbyterian Church:
Market Street, Lewisburg, PA: June 2011 (Cleaned, reattached delaminating canvas and inpainted a 65’ x 5’ mural on canvas attached to plaster.)

Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana for the Indianapolis Museum of Art: 
1983 Conservation of two large egg tempera murals by Thomas Hart Benton.  (Treatment included:  interlaminate plaster consolidation, consolidation of severely cupped paint caused by prior roof leaks, cleaning, & surface coating.) 

Kutztown University – Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center:
Kutztown, PA: Dec. 2007 – Jan. 2008: (Disassembled/removed the plaster walls and ceiling with framing timbers of a 19th c. Pennsylvania German kitchen with painted wall murals.   The house was being demolished and the murals were cut into sections and crated for transport to Kutztown University for reinstallation in their Pennsylvania German Heritage Center Galleries)

Old Economy Village as Chief of Conservation for the State of Pennsylvania:
Ambridge, Pennsylvania: 1986 – 2006 Examination, pigment identification, Tempera paint & plaster consolidation/cleaning of the interior of highly decorated 1825 stone Grotto Building at this historic site. (Work through the years has included: environmental monitoring, moisture study, paint analysis, historic research, conservation treatment, architectural design/construction reviewing team member, conservation project manager.  1995 National Endowment for the Humanities Grant for the historic 1825 “Museum Building Reinterpretation Project and First Floor Interior Analysis” (Project to include extensive plaster wall analysis for 8 historic rooms and corridor for structural stability, historic original habitation, and evidence of wall use in displaying artwork in the 1820’s.)  This building is the second oldest museum in the United States open to the public from 1825 to 1854. 

Palmer Art Museum – Pennsylvania State University:  
State College, PA: November 2005 (Conservation of the Richard Haas Murals in the Hubb Building), May 2006 (moved two 10’ high George Gray Barnard marble sculptures), & 2005 – 2007 (treated several paintings), 2013(emergency conservation – Maurer painting for exhibit)

Pennsylvania State Capitol, Ryan Annex/State Museum of Pennsylvania as Chief of Conservation for the State of Pennsylvania:
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:  1998 Conservation of a life-sized painted plaster sculpture of Abraham Lincoln (Treatment to include: cleaning, plaster consolidation, filling, inpainting, and surface coating.)

State Museum of Pennsylvania as Chief of Conservation for the State of Pennsylvania:
Harrisburg, PA: 1996 Conservation of 5 large painted wall murals on plaster (2’ x 9’ to 6’ x 9’).   Five murals are part of a series of 25 pieces removed from a circa 1800 period room of a house in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.  (Treatment included: removal of exterior clapboard, framing timbers and lathe, thinning of wall plaster, consolidation of plaster, mural cleaning, plaster crack repair, mounting of murals on aluminum honeycomb panels, filling, inpainting, & surface varnish coating.)

St.  Joseph Catholic Church:
Danville, PA – June 2012 (Conservation of 15’ x 20’ wall mural on canvas mounted on alter wall) 


(* Information about surveys from private collections is available upon request)

Anthracite Heritage Museum:
Scranton, PA: 1989 & 2000 (general conservation survey)

Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution:
Washington, D.C. – Dec. 2007 (Completed an in-depth conservation assessment of Robert McCall’s 2000 sq.‘ painting of  “The Space Mural, A Cosmic View” as part of development of construction specifications for its conservation and adjacent building repair.)

Betsy Ross House – City of Philadelphia:
Philadelphia, PA: December 2006 (CAP survey)

Biggs Museum of American Art:
Dover, DE: 2002/3 (Conservation Assessment Program – Heritage Preservation (CAP) survey funded NEH/Heritage Preservation)

Boal Mansion/Christopher Columbus Chapel:
Boalsburg, PA: 2010 (Conducted survey of 8 15th & 16th c. sculptures and eight paintings from the Columbus Chapel.   A number of these pieces were personally owned by Christopher Columbus)

Clarion County Historical Society:
Clarion, PA: July 2003 (CAP survey)

Cockayne Farmstead Preservation Project:
Glen Dale, WV: November 2012 – (CAP survey)

Cornwall Iron Furnace:
Cornwall, PA: 1999-2001 1989 (general conservation survey)

Ephrata Cloister:
Ephrata, PA: 2005 (general conservation survey and environmental analysis)

Eckley Miner’s Village:
Weatherly, Pennsylvania: 2000 & 1989 (general conservation survey)

Graeme Park:
Horsham, Pennsylvania: 1993 (reviewed and substantiated Historic Structures Report and analyzed interior painted wooden surfaces and wallpapers for 18th c. stone house)

Grueber Wagon Works:
Reading, PA: 2000 (CAP survey)

Historical Society of Phoenixville Area:
Phoenixville, PA: December 2008 (CAP survey)

Joseph Priestley House:
Northumberland, PA: 1988 (general conservation survey)

Kennedy Museum of American Art:
Ohio University, Athens, OH: March 1995 (CAP survey)

Lafayette College – Art Gallery of the Williams Center for the Arts & Kirby Hall of Civil Rights:
Easton, PA: March 2000 (CAP survey)

Lebanon Valley College – Suzanne B. Arnold Art Gallery:
Annville, PA: August 2012 (CAP survey)

Mattress Factory:
Pittsburgh, PA: November 2002 (CAP survey of a museum of installation art)

Mellon Certified Restoration:
Harrisburg, PA – 2010 – Surveyed 18 soot and fire damaged paintings in Lewisburg, PA

Milton Hershey School:
Hershey, PA: 2010 – survey of 85 soot damaged paintings, 2004 (museum and collection storage architectural assessment and design review)

Museum of Anthracite Mining:
Ashland, PA: 1990 (general conservation survey)

Old Economy Village:
Ambridge, PA: 1989 (paintings collections survey), 1989 (general conservation survey)

Pennsbury Manor:
Tulleytown, PA: 2004 (general conservation survey) (paintings conservation survey)

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum:
Galeton, PA:  1989 (general conservation survey)

Pennsylvania State Police Museum:
Hershey, PA 2008 – (CAP survey of collections and museum)

Piper Cub Aviation Museum:
Lock Haven, PA: 1999 (CAP survey)

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania:
Strasburg, PA: 2007 (IMLS funded) survey & plan for cleaning & improved storage of textiles, furniture, & ephemera collections in 7 railcars; 2005 (Paintings Conservation Survey), 2002/3 (IMLS Conservation Survey of Rolling Stock), 2000-1 (Environmental Study), 2000 (General Conservation Survey), and 1988 (paintings collection survey)

The President James Buchanan Foundation for the Preservation of Wheatland:
Lancaster, PA: 2005 (CAP survey)

The State Museum of Pennsylvania:
Harrisburg, PA: 2000-2 (Museum Collections Move Team, Specified how to pack and move collections.  Trained movers), 1994 (paintings collection survey)

West Virginia State Museum:
Charleston, WV: August 1993 (CAP survey) 

Exhibition Conservation Management

Cornwall Iron Furnace:
Cornwall, PA: 1999-2001 (exhibit design and review team, supervised treatment of over 40 artifacts for their newly renovated exhibition gallery)

Eckley Miner’s Village:
Weatherly, PA: 2002 (Supervised the conservation of the c.1840 ceiling mural in the Catholic Church)          

Erie Maritime Museum:
Erie, PA: 1998 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw conservation for over 150 artifacts for installation in their new exhibition gallery) 1985-7

Ft. Pitt Museum:
Pittsburgh, PA: 2002-2004 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw conservation for over 250 artifacts for installation in their new exhibition gallery)

Old Economy Village:
Ambridge, PA: 1997-2002 (Managed conservation of over 200 artifacts for new exhibit and was on exhibition development team) 2000 – 2005 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw conservation for over 150 late 18th and early 19th c. hand-colored architectural drawings and prints), 1998 (Oversaw the cleaning and rehousing for over 200 18th and 19th century rolled textiles)

Somerset Historical Center:
Somerset, PA: 2000 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw conservation for over 200 artifacts for installation in their new exhibition gallery)

The State Museum of Pennsylvania:
Harrisburg, A: 1996-8 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw the conservation and rehousing of over 400 preliminary sketches and paintings by Violet Oakley for the murals in the Pennsylvania State Capitol. 1987 – (Managed the conservators and oversaw the conservation for over 200 artifacts for the bicentennial of the constitution exhibition)

Washington Crossing Historic Park:
Washington Crossing, PA: 2004-2005 (Managed staff conservators and oversaw the conservation of 20 works on paper depicting George Washington for exhibition) 

Other Projects

Army Heritage Education Center (AHEC) –Army War College:
Carlisle, PA:  2002 (Conservation Laboratory Design. Contracted by the Army Corp of Engineers Baltimore District to design the  20,000 (+) sq.’ Museum Support Center’s Conservation Laboratories.  Created specification, and cost data for all   required fixed equipment and supplies); 2003-6 (Part of building design team to design Museum Support Center building and all conservation laboratory spaces.) 

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission’s (PHMC) – Commonwealth Conservation Center:
Harrisburg, PA:  1985-7 (Conservation Laboratory Design. Designed the 24,000 sq.’ conservation facility {including equipment and furnishings} for conservation at 60 PHMC historic sites and museums.) 

Every –Black Attorneys:
Hollidaysburg, PA – 2010 – (Expert Conservation Witness – Surveyed 30 artifacts for a law firm involved in an insurance claim)

Maloney-Carr Attorneys:
Washington, DC – 2010 – (Expert Conservation Witness – Surveyed 85 decorative artifacts, pieces of furniture, sculptures,  paintings & prints  for a civil law case) 

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